2021 Online Open Campus

The Degree Programs in Pure and Applied Sciences consists of the following programs: Master’s/Doctoral program in Mathematics, Master’s/Doctoral program in Physics, Master’s/Doctoral program in Chemistry, Master’s/Doctoral program in Engineering Sciences (Subprogram in Applied Physics, Subprogram in Materials Science, and Subprogram in Materials Science and Engineering), and Master’s/Doctoral program in Materials Innovation. The Subprogram in Materials Science and Engineering implements research and education in National Institute for Materials Science (Independent Administrative Corporation). We have established an advanced educational system that integrates science and engineering and a world-class research environment. We will hold the Open Campus to show you our world-class education and research environment.


We provide useful information for those considering entering our program (Master’s program and Doctoral program), including explanations of the entrance examinations, curriculum, research fields and research content, and tours of research facilities and experimental equipment.


Students, graduate students, and jobholders are all welcome to attend. We look forward to your participation.


Degree Programs/Subprograms YouTube
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Online information session
[Application deadline]
Method for Application
Mathematics [Not scheduled] [Event end]
Physics [Distoribution is end] [Event end]
[Not scheduled]
Applied Physics [Not scheduled] [Event end]
Materials Science
[Not scheduled]
Materials Science and Engineering NIMS [Not scheduled] *Scheduled to be held at
an event hosted by NIMS
Materials Innovation [Undecided] [Not scheduled]

* To apply for the online information session of Applied Physics, please email us the following information.
①name ② Affiliation ③ desired Degree Program/Subprogram
* Please replace “# @ #” with “@”.
Applied Physics ecology#@#bk.tsukuba.ac.jp


* Please replace “# @ #” with “@”.

Pure and Applied Sciences jimu-pas#@#un.tsukuba.ac.jp
Mathematics gakumu#@#math.tsukuba.ac.jp
Chemistry chkyomu#@#chem.tsukuba.ac.jp
Applied Physics ecology@#bk.tsukuba.ac.jp
Materials Science gakumu6f#@#bk.tsukuba.ac.jp
Materials Innovation tsukuba-materials#@#un.tsukuba.ac.jp