Philosophy and Mission

We, the members of the Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences promote research on mathematics, physics, chemistry, applied physics, material science and materials engineering, and are also involved in education in the relevant fields in the Degree Programs of the Pure and Applied Sciences. Our aim is 1) to challenge pursuit, discovery, accumulation and systematization of knowledge, and to disseminate the academic results to society, and 2) to train young scientists and engineers to the next generation in the world.


Universities today are needed to be proactive in tackling urgent and serious life-environmental problems and associated energy, climate change, and water problems for human beings, by cooperating across all the academic disciplines. Research from a cross-disciplinary perspective is becoming more and more important, where the mission is to search for knowledge as a common property of all humankind. In order to develop pure and applied sciences into new interdisciplinary fields, we will enhance the cross-disciplinary education and research program. We believe that it is the new mission of the university to promote the formation of a education area that meets the demands of the university and to establish liberal arts education related to cutting-edge science and technology.


The University of Tsukuba was built on the idea of ​​an “open university.” We are engaged in interdisciplinary education by taking advantage of a field that is not bound by the boundaries of specialized fields, universities and companies, and locations. Another our important mission is to train human resources for cutting-edge researchers and highly specialized engineers. In addition to the advancement of education and research system by faculty members, we have established a cooperation graduate school system called TIA along with the cooperation with the neighboring public research institutions around the University. Collaboration with domestic and overseas educational and research institutes is an important issue for the development of excellent human resources and for international intellectual exchange. We have such a philosophy and mission to foster the world’s leading scientists and engineers through a new educational system integrated with excellent external research institutes.


In April, 2020, the University of Tsukuba entirely implemented degree program system in the graduate schools. This has made it possible to operate flexibly in response to changes in the world.


Degree programs of Pure and Applied Sciences,
Graduate School of Science and Technology, University of Tsukuba