Materials Science and Engineering NIMS

Materials Science and Engineering is an important discipline that develops materials for various applications. It is a key engineering field that supports social infrastructure in areas as diverse as information/telecommunications, construction/transportation, energy/environment, and medicine/welfare. Our program is jointly operated by the Graduate School of Science and Technology and the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS). Prominent scientists from NIMS join with the graduate school faculty to supervise students’ research towards a Ph.D. degree.
Students can take advantage of the world-class facilities and equipment to participate in state-of-the-art research activities in NIMS, whilst gaining a broader perspective through interacting with researchers from overseas.

This subprogram is available for the doctoral course only; however, students may also obtain a Master’s degree under supervision of our faculty members by enrolling in the Materials Science and Engineering Class included in other subprograms of the Doctoral Program: Applied Physics and Materials Science.

Requirements for the Subprogram

Students should obtain all of the following credits: Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering (total 2 credits), and Research on Materials Science and Engineering (total 18 credits) and then submit a doctoral thesis. Those who pass the thesis evaluation and a final examination will be conferred a Ph. D. degree in Engineering. It is possible to complete the Doctoral Program after one year at the shortest case for students with exceptional achievements.

High-resolution transmission electron microscopy

Near-field optical microscopy